Network Policy Issues

Routes Not Working

If you add a project to the mesh, pods of this project might be no longer accessible from the OpenShift Ingress or Router, depending on your network polices. When adding a project to a mesh, a network rule will also be added that allows the OpenShift Ingress or Router to access only pods with the label 'true'.

If you’re using Deployments, you can add the label 'true' to the pods with the following command:

oc patch deployment <deployment name> -p '{"spec":{"template":{"metadata":{"labels":{"":"true"}}}}}'

In certain cases (e.g. when running the OpenShift cluster on VMWare), your ingress controller is running on the host network. In this case, ingress traffic will appear to originate in the default project. In this case you might want to add the label ingress to the default project. A detailed description can be found here.