Maistra Installation Guide

This guide provides instructions for installing Maistra into an existing OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) or Origin (OKD) cluster and for creating a standalone, all-in-one origin cluster with Istio

Tested Configurations

  • OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) 4.6+

  • We do not yet run within an OpenShift Online or OpenShift Dedicated environment.

Installing Maistra

  • Installing the Operators
  • Follow these instructions to install the Jaeger, Kiali, and Maistra operators required for an Istio installation.

  • Installing a control plane
  • These instructions will show you how to deploy a control plane.

  • Adding projects to the service mesh
  • These instructions will show you how to add an application project/namespace to the service mesh.

  • Adding applications to the mesh
  • Service mesh provides features to applications through the istio-proxy sidecar within your application's pod, created through automatic injection of the configuration.

  • Installation Options
  • This is a full listing of additional options available for a Maistra installation.

  • Control Plane Profiles
  • This document describes how to take advantage of profiles to create reusable, extendable common configurations for groups of users.

  • Releases
  • This lists the Maistra releases.